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The most unique and important spice in Szechuan Cuisine is the Szechuan pepper,or Szechuan Peppercorn.


Szechuan pepper  has an intense fragrant, citrus-like flavor and produces a "tingly-numbing" (麻; má) sensation in the mouth.

About Szechuan/Sichuan Cuisine

In all Szechuan cuisine, there is a common pepper used called the Szechuan Pepper. In this Szechuan pepper there is a flavor called “Má-La” (麻辣) that creates a unique spicy and numbing feeling.  Szechuan pepper contains many different minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that the body requires to properly function. Some of the most important components include potassium, vitamin A, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and phosphorous. This is in addition to a wide variety of phytosterols, terpenes, and carotenes. 


Some health benefits of Szechuan Pepper include: stimulate circulation, reduce pain, improve immunity, aid in appetite, strengthen the bones, eliminate inflammation, prevent chronic diseases, protect the stomach, lower blood pressure.

 Kung Fu 12 makes most of sauce, noodles and other ingrediants to provide customers with healthy, delicous and authentic taste. We take custmers' suggestions to keep improving our food quality and service to a highest level which will satisfy most of our customers. 

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