Kung Fu 12 Menu

*Some dishes on this menu are not available at Clarksville Location

*Each main course dish comes with one rice. $1 for each extra rice

*Please let our staff know if you have food not fit for you

​*Menu pictures are for reference only. Product may have differences


Local Favorite 当地热卖 

Chicken Dishes 【鸡】

General Tso's Chicken​  左宗鸡


Sesame Chicken 鸡芝麻


Sweet & Sour Chicken  酸甜鸡


Chicken w. Basil​  塔香鸡


Chicken w. Garlic Sauce​  蒜香鸡


Chicken w. Broccoli​  芥兰鸡


Kung Pao Chicken​  宫保鸡丁



Chicken w. Spicy Garlic Sauce



​Chicken w. Kale 小芥鸡


Chicken w. Green & Red Pepper​ 



Fried Spicy Chicken​  重庆辣子鸡


Steamed Chicken w. Mixed Vege


Chicken w. Mixed Vege 杂菜鸡



Sauteed Chicken w. Asparagus​ 


Mushu Chicken  苜蓿鸡


Beef Dishes 【牛】

Golden-Mountain Crispy Beef​ 




​Beef w. Broccoli


Beef w. Kale​ 



Hunan Style Beef 



Orange Beef​ 



Beef w. Mixed Vege​ 



Beef w. Eggplant ​ Basil



Seafood Dishes 【海鲜】

Stir-fried Shrimp w. Mixed Vege​ 



Kung Pao Shrimp​ 



Shrimp w. Broccoli​ 



Crab​  ​螃蟹

Option: Spicy 香辣  /  Ginger & Scallion 姜葱

Seasonal Price

Lobster 龙虾​ 

Option: Ginger & Scallion 姜葱,Spice & Spicy 避风塘 ,

              Steamed 清蒸                                           Seasonal Price

Vegetable Dishes 【素菜】

Seasonal Vegetable ​ 


Shredded Spicy & Sour Potato  



Stir-fried Green Bean​ 



Baby Bok Choy w. Mushroom  



Fried Hot Pepper​ 



Sauteed Potato,Eggplant &Pepper 



Stir-fried Cabbage  



Stir-fried Lotus Root​ Snow Bean &

​Mushroom 荷塘月色


Eggplant w. Basil  



Boiled Vege Mixture​ 



Stir-fried Vege Mixture​ 



Braised Baby Cabbage​ 



Braised Tofu  



General Tso's Tofu  



Stewed Egg Tofu  



Stir-fried Potherb​ 


Ground Pork     $13.99


Ma Po Tofu  



Kung Pao Tofu​ 



Sesame Tofu​ 



Tofu w. Hot Green Pepper  



Noodles & Dumplings 【面食】

Spicy Noodle Soup  



Meat Sauce Noodle  



BBQ Por Noodle Soup  



Local Style Lo Mein  



BBQ Pork Lo Mein  



Chicken Lo Mein 



Egg Paste Noodle   



Stewed Duck Noodle Soup



Stir-fried Rice Noodle w. Beef  



Mixed Vege Lo Mein  



Shrimp Lo Mein  



Beef Lo Mein  



Singapore Rice Noodle 



Chicken Fried Rice Noodle  



Pad Thai   


Chicken 鸡 $13.99  /  Shrimp 虾 $13.99

Tofu 豆腐 $11.99  /  Vege 杂菜   $11.99

Shrimp Fried Rice Noodle  



Mixed Vege Fried Rice Noodle  



Home-Made Dumpling   


8 pcs /$8.99

Vege 蔬菜

Pork Cabbage 猪肉白菜

Pork Celery 猪肉芹菜

Fried Rice  【炒饭】

Kung Fu Fried Rice  



BBQ Pork Fried Fice  



Stewed Duck Topping Rice  



Beef Fried Rice  



Local Style Fried Rice  



Shrimp & Pineapple Fried Rice  



Shrimp Fried Rice  



Vege Fried Rice  



Chicken Fried Rice  



Soup  【汤】

West Lake Beef Soup  


Grind beef, egg white, cilantro.


Pork Rib Kelp Soup  



Fish Fillet w. Pickled Vege Soup  



Egg Drop Soup  



Stewed Tofu in Hotpot  



Seafood Tofu Soup  



Pork Rib Winter Melon Soup 



Baby Cabbage Soup  



Hot & Sour Soup 



Sliced Beef in Hot & Sour Soup  



Pickled Vege w. Pork Soup



Home made pickled cabbage, slice of pork belly, frozen tofu, rice noodle.


Honey Chicken 蜜汁鸡


Sauteen Spicy Chicken   新疆大盘鸡

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