Kung Fu 12 Menu

*Some dishes on this menu are not available at Clarksville Location

*Each main course dish comes with one rice. $1 for each extra rice

*Please let our staff know if you have food not fit for you

​*Menu pictures are for reference only. Product may have differences


Appetizer/Desert 头台小吃

Steamed Dish 【蒸煮】

Soup Dumpling 小笼包

6pcs / $7.98

BBQ Pork Bun 叉烧

2pcs / $5.98

Custard Bun 奶黄

2pcs / $5.98

Cold Noodle w. Sesame Paste 芝麻凉面


Dan Dan Noodle 担担面


Wonton in Spicy Oil 红油抄手

12pcs / $9.98

Wonton Soup 馄饨汤

4 pcs / $3.98   8 pcs / $6.98

Shrimp Dumpling 虾饺

6pcs / $7.98

Seafood Shaomai 海鲜烧卖


Fried / BBQ 【煎炸烤】

BBQ Pork 叉烧


Chicken Popcorn 盐酥鸡米花


Fried Sesame Ball 芝麻球

6 pcs / $8.98

Fried Dumpling 锅贴

Option: Chicken 鸡肉      6pcs/$7.98

               Pork 猪肉           6pcs/$7.98

Cheese Wonton 芝士云吞

4pcs/$5.98     8pcs/$10.98

Fried Broccoli 椒麻西兰花


Fried Eggplant Strip 干煸茄条


Pumpkin Cake 南瓜饼

4 pcs/$5.98

Spring Roll  上海素春卷

2 pcs/$2.98

Fried Bun 炼乳小馒头

8 pcs / $6.99

Egg Roll 大春卷

1 pcs/$1.98

Fried Scallion Pancake 葱油饼



Cold Dishes 凉菜

Chicken in Spicy Oil 口水鸡



 Mushroom w. Pickled Pepper



Sliced Beef & Ox Tendon in Chili Sauce 夫妻肺片


 Pulled Flour Skin 东北大拉皮



Ma La Beef Tendon 麻辣牛筋



 Szechuan Pickled Cucumber

​ 风味黄瓜



 Braised Tasty Beef 卤味牛肉



  Celery w. Seasoned Tofu

​  芹菜香干



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