Healthy Life Starts from Healthy Food

Noodles and Sauces in Our Restaurant are Home-Made without any Preservatives and Artificial Colors.  

Please order online through our website, or call us. Order via Doordash for delivery. 

Kung Pao Chicken


Chick/Sweet Pepper/Pea Nut/Scallion/

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


General Tso's Chicken


Chicken Breast Meat/Broccoli/Pepper/Broccoli

Mild Spicy


Chicken w. Flour Paste


Chicken/Cucumber/Scallion/Pea Nut



Sesame Chicken


Chicken Breast Meat/Broccoli/Sesame



Chicken w. G/R Pepper


Chicken/Hot Green Pepper/Hot Red Pepper

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Honey Chicken


Chicken Breast Meat/Broccoli/Honey



Beef w. Hot Pepper


Beef/Hot Pepper/Onion/Carrot

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Shredded Pork w. Garlic Sauce 鱼香肉丝

Pork/Carrot/Black Fungus/Bamboo root/Carrot/Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Stir-Fried Beef w. Pepper 


Beef/Sweet Pepper/Onion/Carrot



Shredded Pork w. Tofu


Pork/Dried Tofu/Celery/Sweet Pepper



Teriyaki Chicken/Beef




Teriyaki Chicken  $14.5

Teriyaki Beef $16.5

Broccoli w. /Beef/Chicken/Carrot


Broccoli w. Beef   $14.5

Broccoli w. Shrimp $14

Broccoli Chicken $12.5

Broccoli w. Carrot $11

Stewed Beef Noodle Soup


Wheat Noodle/Beef/Baby Bok Choy/Cilantro/Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Noodle w. Mixed Toppings


Wheat Noodle/Beef/Pork Meat Sauce/Stir Fried Tomato w. Egg


Noodle w. Meat Sauce


Wheat Noodle/Pork Meat Sauce/Baby bok Choy/Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Lo Mein


Chicken Lao Mian $12

Beef Lao Mian $12.5

Shrimp Lao Mian $12

Chicken w. G/R Pepper Lao Main $12

Stirred Noodle w. Topping


With Topping:

Baby Bok Choy  $8

Stir Fried Tomato w. Egg $9

Chicken w. G/R Pepper $12

Kung Pao Chicen $12

Shreded Pork w. G Sauce $12.5

Fried Rice


Rice/Egg/Green Pea/Carrot/Onion

Kung Fu Fried Rice $9

Chicken Fried Rice $12

Beef Fried Rice $12.5

Shrimp Fried Rice $12

Baby Bok Choy w. Mushroom


Baby Bok Choy/Mushroom


Ma Po Tofu


Soft Tofu/Green Pea/Carrot/Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Brown Sauce Meat Ball


Pork/Baby Bok Choy/Scallion/Four Meat Balls



Boiled Fish Fillet in Hot Broth


Fish Fillet, Chinese Cabbage, Bean Sprout, Scallion, Garlic

Option:Mild Spicy, Spicy


Boilded Beef in Hot Broth


Angus Beef Flank Steak Slice, Chinese Cabbage Bean Sprout, Scallion, Garlic

Option:Mild Spicy, Spicy


Double Cooked Pork


Pork Belly, Black Fungus, Carrot, Leek

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy


Cooled Noodle


Home-Made Noodle, Cucumber, Carrot, Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy, Pea Nut


Cooled Noodle w. Chicken


Home-Made Noodle, Chicken, Carrot, Cucumber, Scallion

Option: Mild Spicy, Spicy, Pea Nut


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